Peanut Butter

When it comes to food in America, bigger is better. It’s amazing how many restaurants in the United States are famous for having enormous food portions. The Stepping Stone Cafe is one such restaurant. They serve up “mancakes”, which are larger-than-your-plate pancakes and if you finish a stack your name gets added to the wall of shame. I watched the Man vs. Food segment on this cafe 3 times in one day and that night I dreamt of pancakes. The following morning all I could think about was pancakes, big ones. I made myself what I call a platecake (a reasonable plate-sized pancake) and have been making them ever since. There is something so satisfying and comforting about a huge pancake, regular-sized pancakes no longer suffice. These platecakes are not only huge but they’re healthy too and you’d never know it.


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