Low Carb

Everyone has an Uncle Bob. If not, they have a relative equivalent to my Uncle Bob. For example, my Uncle Bob recently acquired a few live chickens (don’t ask how) and decided to raise them on a diet consisting exclusively of cheeseballs. Needless to say, the egg yolks are suprisingly orange. Another tidbit of information Uncle Bob shared with me is what many of his coworkers have for snack. Here’s what he divulged: They go to the vending machine, get a bag of salted peanuts and a bottle of Coke, pour the peanuts into the Coke and drink it. Simple. Odd. Delicious? Yup. I don’t drink much soda but Coke Zero is my favorite. Regular Coke is too sweet, diet Coke tastes awful, but Coke Zero has the perfect level of sweetness with a good flavor and an almost salty undertone. Salted peanuts compliment it perfectly. I must admit, I was impressed. Thanks Uncle Bob.


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