A few weeks ago, we found out we couldn’t get a dog. Despite owning our apartment, the by-laws state that dogs are not allowed in the building. So we got a cat and we named him Burt Reynolds (because of his bushy white mustache). Just like the real Burt Reynolds, our cat only wants two things: affection and turkey giblets in sauce. Given his proclivity to scratch our carpets and hang out on window sills, I got the sense he needed a domain to call his own. Rather than spend $134.99 on an ugly plastic cat tower I decided to build my own ever since I’ve been on a DIY kick, having recently built a dining room table for our new apartment (with a matching bench in the works). Using some plywood, carpet, sisal rope, a garbage can, a broom head and minimal tools, I was able to create a deluxe 3-tier cat tower with a self-service “cat wash” station for under $50. Details below.


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