Ring ring! We’ve got a double winner here! I was reading someone’s blog a few weeks ago and they mentioned that they had entered a contest at The contest was called the Share Your Discovery Contest, inviting you to describe a memorable food encounter. I saved the website and decided to write my most memorable experience later on if time permitted. A few days later I had a few hours in the evening with nothing to do. I remembered the contest and spent about an hour writing up a short essay on my food experience. I’m sure it’s of no surprise, my fellow readers, that the experience contained peanut butter. For a few weeks I forgot about it until I received an email announcing that the grand prize winner was selected. I almost deleted the email because I thought it was spam, but opened it and realized it wasn’t an email to all the contest participants, only me: I won the grand prize! You can read my entry and see the prize here: Share Your Discovery Contest.

I find it funny that one of the judging criteria was “writing skills”. I’ve never been a good writer and the GRE’s confirmed that: I took them twice and couldn’t get better than a 3.5 out of 6 on the writing section, which is apparently a pretty bad score. But, I won, so take that GRE’s!

The other winner here? These tacos of course. Nothing fancy, nothing gourmet, no peanut butter but somehow still delicious. I used a vegetarian soy-based taco filling, but ground beef with seasoning would work just as well. Nothing homemade here, but a perfect light and fresh taco, the real winner here being the salsa.


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