Updated from the recipe archive.

While planning our July 4th party last year, we decided that another dessert was in order. And really, when is another dessert not in order? For a while I wanted to try a traditional southern dish, banana pudding. I found a recipe that was super quick, got great reviews and seemed easy to modify. Judging from the response, this recipe is not only a keeper, but a new tradition – the entire bowl of pudding was gone within 10 minutes. To our surprise it went even faster than the immensely popular raspberry brownie. This pudding is so good, that I’ve made it at least 15 times this past year. After a few hours in the fridge the vanilla wafers begin to soften and absorb the pudding like a sponge. Even after several days when the wafers have completely softened, they are still just as delicious and add the perfect depth to this simple dish. And since this dessert is nearly guiltless I guarantee you’ll soon be eating leftovers for breakfast like me.


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