Tucked away in upstate New York in a small town called Wevertown, there’s a small bed and breakfast called the Dillon Hill Inn. It’s run by an extraordinarily nice couple – the husband is a builder who built most of the furniture and the wife is an excellent cook. Besides baking some outstanding brownies and phenomenal scones, she introduced me to a new dish – baked grapefruit. Her method was simple: cut the grapefruit in half, spread a little butter on top, a sprinkle of brown sugar and cinnamon, then bake until the sugar caramelizes. Top it off with a bright red cherry and you’ve got a gourmet start to your day. The simplicity astounded me and the taste was incredible. Baking the grapefruit helps minimize the bitterness and also makes scooping out the fruit easier. I can’t see a reason to eat a raw grapefruit anymore. Obviously I tried it with peanut butter.


1 pink or white grapefruit
2 tsp peanut butter (or butter)
1 tsp raw or brown sugar
1/8 tsp cinnamon


1. Preheat to 350. Slice grapefruit in half. Spread both halves with peanut butter, then sprinkle on sugar and cinnamon. Bake for 5-7 minutes then set the oven to broil for 2-3 minutes longer.

Additional Info:

If you’re ever up near Gore Mountain, stay at the Dillon Hill Inn.

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  1. Marianne says:

    I’m a big fan of baked grapefruit, but have never tried it with peanut butter. Very intriguing. Grapefruit is on sale this week at my store – I know what I’ll be making!

  2. Denise says:

    Wow, you must have thought you were in heaven when you saw the peanut butter. I’ll have to try this one soon.

  3. Julia says:

    WEIRD combo, not gonna lie. But it sounds super good!

    • Nick says:

      It is a weird combo, I agree. It may be better with butter, but I can’t say that for sure, or maybe I just don’t want to believe it.

  4. Sagan says:

    Normally I’m not a grapefruit fan, but I think if it has peanut butter on it then it MUST be good :)

    • Nick says:

      Grapefruits always annoyed me – they squirt you in the eye, they’re bitter…but this recipe has redeemed grapefruits in my eye (which no longer has grapefruit juice in it because it comes out of the shell easier!).

  5. Kiley says:

    Wow this is nuts, would never think this would taste good, but I love grapefruit so it sounds interesting enough to try!! Do you eat it warm or chill it after you bake it?

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