Main Course

Our recent trip through Pennsylvania opened our eyes to many new things. First, New Jersey and Pennsylvania are much prettier than we thought. Second, Pittsburgh is not the “dirty steel town” I expected it to be. And finally, no matter where you go, farmer’s markets are still the best place to buy your food. The most prized stop at the Pittsburgh farmer’s market was Olio Fresca which sold all sorts of flavor-infused pasta that we could sample (uncooked). The flavors in the pasta were surprisingly strong, and the guy told us that the flavor doesn’t go away when you cook it; We’ll see about that pasta-man. To my surprise and delight, he was correct. It made for one of the simplest and best homemade meals we’ve had in a while. And that’s cottage cheese I put on top, not ricotta – don’t give me that face, you won’t notice the difference. At least I didn’t add peanut butter.


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