Sometimes you just need to mix it up. Give it a whirl. Put your left foot in, put your right foot out. Dance with the devil. I used to love Chinese food in college, but I no longer find it appealing, or at least not the cheap Americanized stuff. But one thing I will always love is fried rice. Not the healthiest of menu items, but it certainly could be. Quick and simple, here’s a single-serving recipe for a heart-healthy fried dish! You could substitute any leftover grain here but you might want to add a bit of soy sauce/sake to make up for the flavor of the Edamame Bulgur. This recipe can and should be tripled or sextupled.


1 cup leftover Edamame Bulgur
2 Tbsp chopped onions
2 oz leftover turkey or pork, chopped
1 egg
1 tsp olive oil


Add the oil to a medium skillet and place on high heat. Once the oil begins to thin, add the onions and sauté until they become translucent. Add the egg and chopped into small pieces with the spatula. Add the turkey or pork and brown the mixture slightly. Add the bulgur, stirring often, until the mixture becomes a little brown and crispy. Mix thoroughly. Serve hot.

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  1. Celine says:

    I’m happy to see your edamame bulgur recipe as I just bought some of the stuff and wasn’t sure how I’d end up using it.

  2. Amanda says:

    I’m surprised you survived any outdoor event last weekend. it was hotter than hell. I guess I was lucky that I had to stay at Sac State’s computer lab all weekend.. Not that that was any fun either.

  3. Sagan Morrow says:

    I don’t think there’s any drink much better than sangria! And it seems to take a lot of people to get a grill going. At a party this past weekend our attempts resulted in the flame suddenly leaping out of the bbq, just to keep us on our toes.

    I don’t believe I’ve ever tried bulgur. But it looks delicious. I’ll have to get on that.

  4. VeggieGirl says:

    As a creature-of-habit, I too TRY to “change it up” from time to time – although I’m not as successful at that, as you seem to be, haha.

    I too love leftovers!! That fried bulgur dish sounds wonderful!

  5. Fearless Kitchen says:

    This is really interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever seen fried bulgur before. I bet it tastes great, though!

  6. Elisabeth says:

    Hey babe, you know I love your edamame bulgar… and you also know that I love fried rice (spice market makes my mouth water) but this looks just as good! Cant wait to try this either with you, or I can make it for a weekday meal as well! Im glad my absence this weekend led to such a wonderful creation!

  7. Rosiecat says:

    Ooh, edamame and bulgur are really a match made in heaven. I’m keeping my recipe featuring edamame and bulgur under wraps for now, but an edamame-bulgur skillet combo is a great idea, Nick!

    105 degrees, eh? Maybe I WILL stay in Chicago for now…I melt in that kind of heat. One of my men is cruising up and down California this week, but he would never complain about that kind of heat because he loves it.

  8. Jessy and her dog Winnie says:

    I always have trouble using leftovers. Yours looks great!

  9. Simply...Gluten-free says:

    That looks really yummy. I can’t eat bulgur but you really made it look appetizing. 105! Yikes!

  10. Dee says:

    105 degrees is insane. Even in the crazy ole tropics it never gets that hot! I’ve never had fried bulgur; looks great tho’ :)

  11. Cassie says:

    You have been tagged on my blog!

  12. Nick says:

    Celine, You should definitely try this. The edamame bulgur by itself is incredible with the sake and soy sauce, but “frying” the leftovers is just as good!

    Amanda, It was hotter than hell. We stood under a tree and didn’t really move or talk. It was also a little difficult to get food down.

    Sagan, The sangria was amazing and it’s so easy to make a real cheap and tasty version of it, I’ll have to post the recipe soon. Hopefully we’ll figure out this charcoal grill thing and I can give you guys some tips!

    veggiegirl, “changing it up” doesn’t always work, but that’s the point! I’ve made some flops for sure, but as long as the winners outnumber the flops then you’re totally good!

    Rosiecat, That sounds real interesting, I can’t wait to see it! Odd that you’re combining the same two ingredients as well…

    Carol, I always feel bad posting non-gluten-free recipes. I realize a lot of readers are gluten-free, but I bet this would be just as good, maybe even better, with a different grain (barley perhaps?).

    Dee, 105 is pretty darn ridiculous. It’s definitely “don’t move, don’t speak” kind of weather.

  13. Blog Hendersonville says:

    Great use of leftovers! We have “use it or loose it” nights at our house – open the fridge and see what you can put together.

  14. Tina says:

    This looks delicious!!! I love bulgar!

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