My life is an enigma: Peanut butter is my favorite food but Mexican and Japanese are my favorite cuisines. I’ve been to plenty of Mexican restaurants and have never seen peanut butter in any dish, although I’ve managed to make it happen. While it’s tough to incorporate peanut butter into Mexican food, Japanese cuisine is even more difficult. I have yet to find a Japanese dish that contains peanut butter other than a special sushi roll that had crushed peanuts on top, which is far from authentic. The other problem is that I never prepare Japanese cuisine and thus there’s no chance to inject some peanut butter. Side note: I find it strange that I’d never consume raw fish I bought at the store, but I completely trust restaurants to do it for me. Raw fish aside, here’s a great vegetarian sushi that includes peanut butter! I thought of it a while ago while devising alternative ways to make a Peanut Butter Hot Dog. Have kids? Just think how confused, then excited they’ll be to get this for lunch!


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