One aspect about food I enjoy the most is the memories and sense of nostalgia it can induce simply by the look, smell or taste of it. I used to help my mother on her Meals on Wheels route when I was younger, and there was a very kind man who always had a box of chocolate covered jelly rings to share with us. These donut-shaped chocolate rings were filled with a raspberry jelly and that man not only introduced me to them, but I haven’t had them since. Yet I distinctly remember the flavor and texture of them, and how much I looked forward to delivering his meals in the hopes that I would be offered a jelly ring. When my coworker brought in some chocolate covered fruits one day, I bit into a chocolate covered prune and took a step back in time. Somehow, chocolate covered prunes tasted exactly like the jelly rings I remember, and the shape is surprisingly close too. If prunes aren’t appetizing to you, just call them dried plums and you’ll be fine. These are a great snack and excellent source of energy and antioxidants.


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