Apparently I’m not a very good hider. To be honest, I didn’t even know I was playing hide and seek, but I’ve been tagged by Baking Blondie. So five random facts about myself….are you ready for this?

1. I’m not very good at ballet:

2. I’m too heavy for 4 girls to hold up:

3. But light enough for one…:

4. Little kids seem to have a fascination with me. I have yet to determine if it’s my height or goofiness:

5. I used to be awesome:


In turn, I tag the following people!

Sraight Into Bed Cakefree and Dried
Peanut Butter and Julie
Simply….Gluten Free
A Forkful of Spaghetti
The Average Cook

Let’s hear about you guys!

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  1. Jessy and her dog Winnie says:

    Lol. I’m not good at ballet either.

  2. celine says:

    excellent! hey, you still are awesome. ;)

  3. A. Grace says:

    that is a quality childhood picture–i love it. it reminds me of some i have in a secret stash labeled “photos of me that should never again see the light of day.” yeah, i had some awkward years. :)

  4. foodiedani says:

    Great pics! I’ll be sure to hit this up this week.

  5. Rosiecat says:

    Two things, Nick:
    1) I think that little girl was flirting with you. Is she not trying to hold your hand?
    2 That is a fantastic picture of you in your younger (and more awesome?) days.

  6. TBC says:

    It’s my first time here. I don’t even know you but I liked reading random facts about you!

    The chocolate rolls(from a couple of posts ago) look absolutely divine.

  7. Nick says:

    I can’t believe I even posted that last picture….It is a little too quality. Most people are smart enough not to post those photos in a public place, but not me!

    That little girl looooved me. I haven’t lived in that area in around 9 months, but to this day she still yells “Nick” (more like “Nook”) to every tall thin guy with dark hair.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The PB&J Cocktail

    Nick, I got this out of a friend’s Mag:
    1 1/2 oz Belvedere Vodka
    3/4 oz Nocello Walnut Liquer
    3/4 oz Pallini Raspicello
    1 tbsp PB
    1 oz rock candy syrup
    A few rasperries for garnish

    Mix PB, Raspicello, syrup & Vodka in a shaker until PB dissolves. Add remaining ingredients & shake. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass rimmed with PB. Garnish with rasperries.

    Let me know how it goes!


  9. vegoftheweek says:

    Just discovered your website. I like it! I read your post about the peanut butter burger-This is a feature at a restaurant in a colleg town I visited once.

  10. Simply...Gluten-free says:

    Great post! Thanks for the tag but I was just tagged not too long ago and I wrote a piece with random stuff about me already. I am out of random stuff! And I gotta keep a little mystery – no?

  11. Allison from Pageflakes says:

    Pageflakes has featured the Peanut Butter Boy! Check out the Flake Gallery (you come up as a featured flake- just keep refreshing if it doesn’t come up right away) and you are featured on Pageflakes Central- add this Flake (widget) to see (
    To see your actual Flake:

    Thanks for the great blog! Keep up the good work!

  12. Naomi Devlin says:

    Oh my god you really were awesome, what happened to turn you into such an adult pumpkin? What a great post!

    I didn’t realise that you tagged me – did you let me know? I will get to it, but I only just did one (and I guess you feel the same about my tag too?) Will let you know when I get to it.

    x x x

  13. Lunch Buckets says:

    You might not be great at ballet but it looks like you can levitate a water bottle like nobody’s business. Don’t throw away your awesomeness quite so fast there PBB!

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