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No I’m not selling my beautiful daughter, I’m selling my car. I love this car, but ever since Juliana took her first car ride, we’ve realized that we need a bit more space. With the car seat in the back, there is very little leg room in the front seat. I treated this car like a baby – I always kept it clean, changed the fluids often and unlike a real baby, this car never had any accidents. Plus, I’ll include a free case of Peanut Butter Boy with the car! That’s like a $1,000 value! For more pictures of both my baby’s, read on.


Side shot (purty!):

Interior (clean and shiny!):

Craigslist posting with full specs and photos: https://post.craigslist.org/manage/4425636452

Additional Info:

Did I mention that J is adorable?

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