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Ladies and gents, it’s football season. This requires 2 things: a TV and chili. I have made many chili recipes, each one different than the last. This one, however, is the only recipe I’ll ever use again. I wouldn’t have thought to incorporate peanut butter into chili except that there is a widespread tradition amongst some people to serve peanut butter with chili, either on crackers or peanut butter sandwiches. I’ve had several people tell me that no chili could beat their recipe, yet every time they reluctantly admitted that mine was better. Last year for the Super Bowl, each of our guests said it was the best chili they’ve ever had. And if you read some of the comments below, people have entered this recipe into chili cook-offs and won! At this point, you shouldn’t need any more convincing – make this chili now. I’ve also got more great Super Bowl recipes below.

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