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There’s nothing like a fresh pizza. The melted mozzarella and crispy crust are a perfect combination. Traditional pizza is delicious but feels like a solid block of cheese by the time it hits your stomach. Sometimes I feel like pizza but want something a little bit lighter. The first step is to switch out the greasy cheese in a way that doesn’t sacrifice flavor. In this respect, my wife often mentions my steady progression as a cook over the years. When I first started cooking I would try to make everything as healthy as possible without much regard for taste. After a few years I realized that if it doesn’t taste good, why eat it? I’ve tried many substitutions here but my favorite is creamy ricotta and salty parmesan cheese. Topped with crispy prosciutto or ham, this pizza is full of flavor and the perfect model of healthy and tasty cooking. And in the writing of this post, I came up with an outstanding pizza with peanut butter idea which I’ll be testing out soon, stay tuned…

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