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7 months. That’s how long it will take to finish my current stash of peanut butter assuming a consumption rate of 1 jar per week. Several events led to this perfect storm of peanut butter. First, I finally ordered some PB2, that powdered peanut butter I keep hearing so much about. Second, I recently received some samples from my good friend Katie at Naturally Nutty which led me to order several of my favorites. And last, I won the Peanut Butter & Co. Holiday Recipe Contest, the grand prize being a t-shirt, a book and one jar of each flavor. All of this on top of my regular stash brings me to a grand total of around 30 jars of the good stuff. So what’s my plan? To sample and review each and every flavor for the enjoyment of my fellow peanut butter lovers. Read on for the results…

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