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We’ve all done it. Stuck our finger in the cookie dough and indulged in salmonella-laden delight. Human willpower is an extraordinary force, but it’s defenseless against cookie dough. That gritty, sweet taste and smooth, buttery texture – it’s irresistible. While it may be tempting to eat the entire bowl, would you really want to? Probably not. I don’t think your stomach (inside or outside) would appreciate that. So let’s make it a little lot healthier so you can lick that bowl with a clean conscience. This idea came from a fellow blogger. He calls it “dessert hummus” but I think it deserves more credit. This stuff tastes like raw cookie dough. Not 100%. But 90%. My addition was to use homemade cinnamon-sugar chips for dipping. Yes, you should have this for breakfast tomorrow.

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