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Nov 17
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1 Year Old Ice Cream Cake vegetarian peanut butterless gluten free dessert

Depending on how you read the recipe title, you will either be intrigued or disgusted. Never fear – this cake isn’t from last year, it was for our daughter’s first birthday! As a kid, I rememeber Carvel ice cream cakes (with the fudge-like coating) being the best birthday cake ever. So when it was time to celebrate our daughter’s first birthday, my first thought was ice cream cake. The problem with the Carvel cakes is they look too fake, and as I recall, they taste like plastic. Delicious plastic, but plastic nonetheless. Then I thought: how hard could it be to make an ice cream cake? Let the ice cream thaw a bit, spread it out, layer it up, and decorate it. Making it was just as easy as I thought. As I soon realized, the benefits of making your own ice cream cake include: cheaper, better quality ingredients, fully customizable, and tastier!

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