Addicting. That’s the best word to describe these. French fries are not commonly seen on my plate, they don’t do much for me and there is certainly no nutrition to them. But these, these are different. I’ve seen this recipe before but passed it over on several occasions. I finally decided to give it a whirl when I had no other vegetable to go with dinner. Then I had them the next night, and the next, until I was making a fresh batch for every lunch and dinner for 3 weeks. The best part is, you can cut up several squash and store the uncooked sticks in the fridge for over a week and bake them on demand. And to ensure you don’t get bored with them I’ve concocted 3 different variations, all of which are delectable.

For those of you worried, the recent peanut butter salmonella contamination scare does not affect our favorite brand Naturally Nutty, I have confirmed it with Katie from the company who has checked all sources and posted a statement about it on their site. And mark your calendars for January 24th, it’s National Peanut Butter Day. I intend to have something fun planned for that day, any suggestions?

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