Update: The exhibition is over, click here to see the winners!

The Great Peanut Butter Exhibition has returned for another round! In conjunction with Foodaphilia, I am proud to present the latest and greatest in peanut butter blogging!

In the heat of the summer we’ve decided that the best theme for this PBE is No Bake! What’s you’re favorite way to eat peanut butter cold? Perhaps an explosion of flavor in a Linda Delite or an Ultimate Peanut Butter Sandwich? Mayhap some Peanut Butter Mousse or a nifty Banana Pudding modification. Submit your recipe following the guidelines below and we’ll be rounding up all submissions and choosing a Top 3. The deadline is August 31th @ Noon (PST), a full 24 days from now, which gives you 4 weekends to demonstrate your expertise with our favorite tan-colored paste and flex those non-baking muscles! The Top 3 will be prominently featured, but all entries will be displayed. Winners will receive badges to proudly display their accomplishments!

Of course, the real prizes from the previous Peanut Butter Exhibitions are the recipes themselves. We have yet to receive a recipe that didn’t make us drool. We’re looking forward to another great batch of recipes to round up! The category is quite broad this time but I think we’ll get some excellent & creative recipes. We’re excited for this round, so put on those thinking caps and get in the kitchen!

So sit back, have a margarita and read a book. Then, run to your local grocer, pick up some peanut butter and get those spoons-a-churnin’! Read on for the details…

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