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The Lucky Leprechaun

A winner has been chosen! Like a kid on the last day of school or Santa Claus on December 26th, this lucky leprechaun will receive a Gallon of Gold to dive right in to! Your uses for a bucket of peanut butter include:

But the winner of the Gallon of Gold is….

The winner is:

Tammy D – who plans to make PB cookies for her upcoming camping trip. Congratulations Tammy! I’ve estimated that with this bucket of peanut butter, depending on the recipe, you could make between 384 and 768 peanut butter cookies! With that many cookies, you could probably camp out for a year and not go hungry.

Thanks to everyone for entering! Want your own Gallon of Gold? Right now they are on sale for $24! Click here for the Gallon of Gold product page.

Food for thought:

Tammy’s comment was number 33. The total number of comments was 33. The random number generator (random.org) picked number 33 out of 33. Does that mean it’s not random enough? Too random? Or simply, random?