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Peanut Butter Reviews – Part 14

I think crunchy is underrated. Supposedly, 60% of people prefer creamy peanut butter while only 40% prefer crunchy. I’m a big fan of creamy, but when you eat as much peanut butter as I do you begin to crave some texture. Once you find the perfect crunchy peanut butter – the one with the perfect number of chunks, the crunchiest chunks and the ultimate flavor – there’s no turning back. That’s why the 14th installment of peanut butter reviews will focus on 4 different crunchy peanut butters, and I guarantee you’ve never heard of them all. I should warn you, 2 of these peanut butters are some of the WORST I’ve ever had. Now that I’ve built up your excitement, read on…


ALGOOD Crunchy

= 40%
This Louisville, Kentucky brand of peanut butter is, at best, bland. The peanut butter has a nice color and decent amount of chunks, and the smell is very similar to Skippy crunchy. The sodium and sugar levels are on par with a standard peanut butter too. But when you taste it, there’s just nothing there. You get a small roasted peanut butter that dies away quickly, and the added sugar and salt don’t really do much at all. I picked it up because of the traditional old-style label and the low price point (under $2 I believe) but after tasting it, I don’t think I would have paid $0.25 for it. It’s definitely not AL-that-GOOD. It’s best use? A peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwich, because I hate mayonnaise and would throw such a sandwich out immediately.

Once Again Organic American Classic Crunchy

= 75%
Once Again is a unique company which prides itself on the high quality and health aspects of their nut butters. This offering is an attempt to replicate “classic” peanut butter in a healthy way. The texture is nice and thick with just a hint of sugar. It has a uniquely fresh flavor but a little on the bland side. The chunks are medium sized and very crunchy but unless you’re using a dense bread, you’ll tear your bread to pieces should you try to make a sandwich. I like this flavor for putting a blob on each bite of a banana because I can pile it so high! Again, a very unique peanut butter – give it a try if you can find it! This is very good for chunky Peanut Sauce or in Cinnamon Rum Truffles.

Sanitarium Crunchy

= 30%
Yikes, I think Australia took a peanut butter making course from ALGOOD or perhaps vice-versa. This peanut butter is terrible. It’s similar to ALGOOD crunchy except that the color is paler, there is virtually no smell, and the flavor is horrendous. It sort of tastes like peanuts right out of the shell, only perhaps they were picked too early because it leaves a boring, flavorless taste in your mouth. Uses? Another peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwich. This time, with artichokes on it (*gag*). As the name implies, if you like this peanut butter, you belong in a sanitarium. In all seriousness, I threw this jar out.

Trader Joe’s Salted Crunchy

= 70%
This peanut butter is identical to the Trader Joe’s creamy that I love so much. To recap, Trader Joe’s creamy peanut butter is very creamy, to the point that the term “runny” is more applicable then “creamy”. It has a nice, strong roasted flavor and is well salted, both things I enjoy. The crunchy variety simply adds some chunks which gives a nice crunch but the overall experience isn’t as enjoyable as with the creamy style. I enjoy the runnyness of this peanut butter in it’s pure form (the creamy variety) better.