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Done in 60 Seconds: Peanut Butter Hot Dog

This scary-sounding recipe is a long time staple of mine, but don’t let the name fool you. This recipe is for anyone, anywhere, anytime. There isn’t a market in the world that doesn’t sell bread, bananas and peanut butter (or peanuts, in which case you can make your own!). It’s so simple and delicious that it deserves the Pulitzer Prize and at least one Grammy. This recipe is further proof that Express Eats don’t sacrifice on creativity or flavor.


2 slices soft whole wheat bread
3 Tbsp creamy, crunchy or the #1 cinnamon raisin peanut butter
1 banana
drizzle of honey (optional)
shake of cinnamon (optional)
strawberry jelly (optional)


1. Spread peanut butter onto each slice of bread.

2. Break banana in half and place each half down the middle of each slice.

3. Top with any optional ingredients. Roll up and scarf down.

Other creative preparation methods can be found on the Original Peanut Butter Hot Dog post.

Additional Info:

Allrecipes.com accepted this recipe into their archives within days! You can view it here: Peanut Butter Hot Dogs.