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The Peanut Wizard & The Peanut Party

The peanut butter tasting booth at the Hoboken Arts & Music Festival drew a lot of attention – especially because of the “Guess the number of peanuts” game. We collected a few hundred guesses throughout the day but JP, the guy above, was the closest. The actual number of peanut shells in the container was 974. Do you know what JP’s guess was? 973! I officially declare JP a wizard. He more than deserves some free Peanut Butter Boy. Enjoy it JP! Shortly after, I was recently contacted by a guy named Robert who was planning a peanut butter tasting party and had a few questions about Peanut Butter Boy. I had more questions for him. What is a peanut butter tasting party? What do you serve for pairing? Why wasn’t I invited? Who won? All of these questions will be answered (with photos) below.

Peanut Butter Tasting Party:

What is it? Robert loves peanut butter, and wanted to share the fascinating world of peanut butter with his buddies. I need a buddy like Robert.

What do you pair the peanut butter with? Robert was thinking about pairing the peanut butter with whiskey. I let him know that this was the ONLY drink to pair with peanut butter. I also suggested honey whiskey to get a “honeny roasted peanut” flavor swirling around.

Why wasn’t I invited? To be fair, I’ve never met the guy, but apparently I was still invited. Next time, I’ll be there.

How did we do? Peanut Butter Boy came in 2nd place! Not bad, considering all the other brands there. Big Spoon Roasters took the #1 position with their Peanut Pecan Butter. However, considering they add pecans and honey, I think that disqualifies them in the purist peanut butter category. Right?

The happy peanut butter partiers: