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Recipe for a Perfect Wedding

I just got married! After asking her about 12 times to marry me, she finally said yes! Elisabeth has agreed to spend the next 92 years of her life with me (after all, peanut butter is a miraculous food). From start to finish, our wedding was perfect; Location, weather, guests, food and drinks were better than we could have imagined. Want to know how it’s done? Just follow these simple instructions:


1 Beautiful Bride (preferably not store-bought)
1 Suave Groom (with cold feet removed)


1. First and foremost, A Perfect Engagement is required.

2. Pick an excellent venue. Our choice was Fortino Winery.

3. Keep the bride happy and smiling at all times. This step is VERY important.

4. Dance your asses off (pics coming). Removing shirt is optional, but not recommended (unfortunately, pics of this are coming too).

5. Serve the best champagne you’ve never heard of, Fortino’s ALMOND Champagne:

6. Party like there’s no tomorrow!