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Random Musings of a Peanut Butter Nature

During my internet travels I, as most people, have discovered some interesting things. There really is a site for everything you could imagine plus a million times more that you’d never even dream of. I want to be part of the latter group. I want people to be blown away when they realize that some wacko has devoted a site to peanut butter recipes. I also want to provide some sort of useful information to people and I think I figured out what.

One of the oddest things I found was a recipe for Ground Pork Peanut Butter Cookies. I’m not sure how these came about (perhaps a joke?), but needless to say, I have yet to try them. It states that the recipe is originally from “The Heart of Iowa” cookbook. I don’t know anything about that cookbook, but I don’t think I would recommend it. At first I thought that maybe one of the ingredients was listed wrong, but the list includes not only ground pork but also lard, flour, sugar and brown sugar. If you’re a daring individual, I urge you to attempt the recipe, perhaps in a smaller batch.

Want a great peanut butter bedtime story? Here’s one about the journey of Elvis and his friends on the evening of February 1st, 1976. Great story, and I’ve made a sandwich version of the Fool’s Gold Loaf and it is surprisingly tasty.

Read on for some useful peanut butter information…

Methods for Stirring/Enjoying Natural Peanut Butter

With all of my peanut butter consumption, I’ve discovered the best way to work with the often tricky natural peanut butters. A lot of people are turned away by natural peanut butter because it is annoying to constantly stir, and keeping it in the fridge makes it near impossible to spread. The first thing I do when I buy a jar is to store it, upside down, in the cabinet. This allows the oil to rise to the bottom of the jar and make it easier to stir.

One easy method is to empty the entire jar into a larger tupperware and stir it with a fork. The larger the tupperware, the better, because it will be easier to stir each time you open it. If you use it often enough, don’t worry about storing it in the fridge either, just give it a light stir when you open it each time. But the following is my preferred method, because it uses no tupperware. However, it requires you to have an empty, or near empty, peanut butter jar. Or, contact this guy and ask him to make you one of these awesome peanut butter jars.

Peanut Butter Boy Method

1. Store peanut butter jar upside down.

2. When your current jar is running low, turn the new jar right-side-up, open, and stir well with a butter knife until well mixed.

3. Pour half into the old jar. Now you have 2 half-jars, making it much easier to stir when the craving hits. Store one in the fridge if desired to preserve longevity.