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Peanut Butter Kettle Corn

Movie night! Tonight on the agenda was a flick called “Black Sheep”. I was searching for the classic Chris Farley comedy from 1996, but it seems the title was rehashed in 2006 for a very different type of movie; a movie about blood-thirsty zombie sheep in New Zealand. How could I resist? Naturally, a movie of this caliber requires popcorn. Thanks to the invent of movie theater “butter” popcorn is usually not considered health food, but I intend to change that. Corn is a whole grain, therefore popcorn is a whole grain. Popcorn kernels contains more fiber than an apple, a banana, 2 oranges or a serving of barley. The only problem is that the carbs in popcorn digest super-quick into your bloodstream, bad for people with diabetes or those watching their weight. Guess what dramatically slows down the digestion of these carbs? That’s right, nature’s perfect food: peanut butter.


1/3 cup popcorn kernels (yellow kernels pop bigger, white ones are smaller)
2t sugar
2T creamy natural peanut butter (I prefer plain, but Dark Chocolate is great too)


1. If you have an air popper, use that. Otherwise, place a large saucepan on the stove over medium-high heat. Let pan warm for 1-2 minutes.

2. Pour kernels into the pan and cover with a lid. Using one hand to hold the pot and the other to hold on the lid (with a potholder), shake the pan every 5-10 seconds, while continually holding the lid down. Once all kernels have popped, remove from heat and pour into a large bowl.

3. Spray with olive oil or canola oil cooking spray and sprinkle 1t sugar on top. Toss popcorn, spray again and sprinkle remaining sugar on top. Drizzle peanut butter of choice across the top.

Additional Info:

To achieve the creaminess required for drizzling, I usually use Trader Joe’s natural creamy peanut butter w/ salt. If your peanut butter is not that runny, microwave it in a small dish for 15 seconds.

And in case you were curious, here’s the movie poster: