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Liquid Peanut Butter Cup

Ahh, Spring is here – nothing but warm days intermixed with a fair share of rainy ones. But when Mother Nature presents you with these occasional wash-outs, sometimes the best thing to do is to succumb to a book-filled, board-game-loaded, hot-chocolate-drinking kind of day. Homemade hot chocolate always seemed too labor intensive, especially since Swiss Miss brings back fond childhood memories of those cold winter days. But now that I’ve seen how easy it is to make, there is no turning back. Taking it one step further and making a peanut butter hot chocolate was a no-brainer. My trick here is to use nonfat powdered milk to make the hot chocolate super rich and creamy without increasing the fat.


2T cocoa powder
3T Da Vinci syrup (or 2-3T honey or sugar)
1 cup nonfat powdered milk
2 cup water
4T peanut powder (or 2T peanut butter)


1. Combine cocoa powder and syrup (or honey/sugar) in a medium saucepan. Turn heat on low and stir slowly but constantly using a whisk, until no clumps remain. Add powdered milk and water along with the peanut powder (or peanut butter) and heat on medium-low heat, stirring often, until hot but not boiling (about 3 minutes). Serve. Makes 2 small mugs.

Additional Info:

* For a richer hot chocolate, add more powdered milk. You can also use 2 ½ cups of real milk in place of the powdered milk and water (and add additional powdered milk, if desired). If so, I recommend using skim plus or 2% to achieve that rich creamy texture.