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Peanut Butter Boy brand has arrived!

For years Peanut Butter Boy has shared his recipes with you, but lately he’s been working hard to share something even more special. Peanut Butter Boy has tried every peanut butter brand but none are perfect. Trans fat in some, oil separation in others, and sugar in most. So Peanut Butter Boy did some thinking, traveling (via superhero cape) and experimenting. Using the finest ingredients on the globe, Peanut Butter Boy is proud to announce his own brand of peanut butter – a brand that can only be called the best peanut butter in the galaxy. His first batch of Super Smooth and Crunch Power are available for pre-order today! Head over to the Peanut Butter Boy Store to order some! Have questions? Ask them below. And don’t worry, the blog isn’t going anywhere!

Peanut Butter Boy Super Smooth and Crunch Power

Peanut Butter Boy peanut butter is so good, it will catapult your taste buds into outer space. Here’s why:

Our Ingredients: Unblanched Roasted Peanuts, Palm Oil (Sustainable and Fair Trade), Sea Salt.


  • All-Natural Low Stir
  • No Added Sugar
  • Made with 100% Sea Salt
  • Gluten-free
  • 18 ounces! (most brands are 16 oz or less)
  • Gives you superpowers (not evaluated by the FDA)

Nutrition Facts:

Our Goals:

In the future (if we are successful), we plan to support and work with Project Peanut Butter in the fight against world hunger. So tell your friends and family about the latest & greatest peanut butter in the galaxy!