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Peanut Butter & Banana Omelet

I hope you have a jar of peanut butter nearby. Today is the last day of November – a month best known for Thanksgiving and runaway beards. But somewhere, some genius decided to make November National Peanut Butter Month. So holster that peanut butter jar and get ready for one of my most infamous recipes. Over 4 years ago, I awoke and ventured to the kitchen to make some oatmeal. Along my way, I remembered there were some eggs I needed to use. An omelet (also spelled “omelette”, did you know that?) was the obvious solution but I had nothing to put in it. My breakfast always contains peanut butter so I needed to incorporate it into the omelet somehow. The obvious next ingredient was banana. So I sliced some banana into the eggs and lathered peanut butter inside – a culinary masterpiece!


2-3 eggs (1/2 – 3/4 cup egg substitute)
1 banana, in slices
2T chunky or creamy natural peanut butter
pinch of sugar


1. Place a medium sized skillet over medium-high heat until hot. Spray with cooking spray and pour in the eggs.

2. Sprinkle some sugar into the eggs and place sliced bananas into pan as demonstrated below:

3. Lift the sides of the omelet up to allow the still-liquid eggs to flow underneath and cook. After a few minutes, flip the omelet over with a large spatula.

4. Spread a generous coating of peanut butter onto one half of the omelet as shown below. Fold the omelet over and allow to cook for another minute. Flip it onto the other side for one last minute and serve!

Additional Info:

This is probably a very different flavor combo than you’re used to. But it’s also surprisingly good! I always use ketchup with my eggs but I don’t think it makes sense in this situation. But a nice strawberry or apricot jelly might work well as a dipping sauce.