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Napa…awesome…pain….busy… little time

So I just spent an amazing weekend in Napa. My parents, my sister and her boyfriend, my girlfriend and her parents all came out to visit me and we headed up to Napa for a long weekend. It was a great weekend – the wine, the food, the views. Everything was awesome except that I pulled my back….twice. The first time was at the gym right before Napa and it just got worse on the drive there. The second time was washing my friggin’ hands over the sink. I blame that one on the “ergonomics” of this country and everything being built for people under 5’10”. Sinks, counters, cabinets, door handles…everything is just a bit too low for a 6’3″ kinda guy and frankly I’m a little sick of it. When I have a house of my own it’s going to have insanely high cabinets so that it makes me feel like a little kid.

My back has been healing since I first pulled it on Dec. 29th, 2007 and it’s never fully healed. It technically isn’t a pull but a slipped disk which I think is a lot worse. I remember the day because it was 2 days before New Years and luckily I was visiting home and had nothing to do so I could just relax. I now fully understand the meaning of frustration. It’s so hard for me NOT to go to the gym. When I don’t go, I lose 5-10 lbs of weight and I can’t stand it. I’ll take off for a little bit and I’ll take it real easy when I go back but I can’t just stop altogether! I do remember sorta overdoing it at the gym this last time and could see where I may have pulled it, so I’ll certainly avoid what I was doing last time.

Anyways, I’m busy for the next few days, but I have a few recipes on hand that I’ve been meaning to post and want to propose a question of which recipe you guys would like to see next: homemade refried beans, vegetarian tacos, double-decker loaded peanut butter sandwich, BBQ chicken & ricotta pizza, or a peanut butter pumpkin mousse? All of them are healthy, as usual, but what appeals the most to you guys?