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How to Make a Baby

That beautiful creature you see above is The Peanut Butter Baby, and it’s a girl. She is currently 23 weeks old and expected November 6th! The wife and I are extremely excited and we’re very happy to share the news with everyone. As a father-to-be, I’m nervous and excited all at once. There are many things I need to learn, like how to hold a baby. Currently, I hold babies like a football – and I’ve never even played football. But I’m sure that will come naturally after a few days. The thing I’m most nervous about is the chance that my little girl is allergic to peanut butter. I mean, I’d probably keep her, but I’d have to put a lock on my peanut butter closet and only consume it inside the closet… Until then, read on to play a Guess-Her-Name Game and see my vision of Peanut Butter Baby’s future.

The Name:

Care to know her name? Rearrange the 7 letters at the bottom of this photo to spell our little girl’s name!

The Future?

Besides perfect health and phenomenal intelligence, my only other hope is that she is born with an intense love for peanut butter (and no allergies). Something like this: