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A Winner of a Meatless Taco

Ring ring! We’ve got a double winner here! I was reading someone’s blog a few weeks ago and they mentioned that they had entered a contest at chow.com. The contest was called the Share Your Discovery Contest, inviting you to describe a memorable food encounter. I saved the website and decided to write my most memorable experience later on if time permitted. A few days later I had a few hours in the evening with nothing to do. I remembered the contest and spent about an hour writing up a short essay on my food experience. I’m sure it’s of no surprise, my fellow readers, that the experience contained peanut butter. For a few weeks I forgot about it until I received an email announcing that the grand prize winner was selected. I almost deleted the email because I thought it was spam, but opened it and realized it wasn’t an email to all the contest participants, only me: I won the grand prize! You can read my entry and see the prize here: Share Your Discovery Contest.

I find it funny that one of the judging criteria was “writing skills”. I’ve never been a good writer and the GRE’s confirmed that: I took them twice and couldn’t get better than a 3.5 out of 6 on the writing section, which is apparently a pretty bad score. But, I won, so take that GRE’s!

The other winner here? These tacos of course. Nothing fancy, nothing gourmet, no peanut butter but somehow still delicious. I used a vegetarian soy-based taco filling, but ground beef with seasoning would work just as well. Nothing homemade here, but a perfect light and fresh taco, the real winner here being the salsa.


2 soft whole wheat or corn tortillas
1/2 cup vegetarian taco filling (or ground beef)
1/3 cup shredded cabbage
1/4 cup pineapple-mango salsa
5 canned black olives, sliced in half


1. Heat the tortillas in a warm skillet until lightly toasted on each side. Remove the tortillas and heat up the taco filling in the skillet.

2. Place the tortillas on a plate and pile on the taco filling. Add the remaining ingredients in the order listed, roll up and enjoy!

Additional Info:

I buy the pineapple-mango salsa from Costco, it costs about $5 for a 2lb jug. I ate the first pound in one sitting with Homemade Tortilla Chips, but saved the rest for tacos. This salsa is deadly, but any fresh and fruity salsa will compliment these tacos beautifully.